Areas of Expertise


Architectural design

We develop Architectural designs of industrial, commercial, corporate, multifamily residential, institutional, hospital, cultural and educational buildings.

Construction documents

In addition to the development of the construction documents to be used in the building execution, this service includes the production of the project's budget and specifications.

Legalization Design

An integral part of the design process, the Legal Architectural design is treated separately as it contains specific information according to the local authority and the location where the project will be built.

MEP design

We develop the Architectural Design in an integrated manner with the MEP design so that there are no conflicts, waste and costs during the building execution.

Design as built

This design contemplates the survey of all measures, characteristics and compositions of architecture and MEP design of an already built project.

Land Parceling

This service includes Land Parceling Designs, which prioritize the value and enhancement of urban land. It also includes rectification of land register.

Master plan

It includes land use and occupation projects, pedestrian and vehicle circulation, reorganization and implementation of urban furniture and equitable distribution of green and leisure areas.

Transportation Planning

Elaboration of Road Impact Report, of projects related to Traffic Engineering, Transport Planning, Public Transport and Infrastructure, always aiming to guarantee sustainable mobility.

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