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Our History

Justino Freitas and Fátima Costa started, in 1980, what would be the basis of Métopa Architecture and Planning. In 2003, Bruno Costa (FAU-UFRJ) joined the team and in 2010, together with Fabiene Cristina (EE-UFRJ), they became partners.

Métopa is an architectural design office based on professional ethics and high quality architectural designs. It permanent searches for an architecture focused on the real needs of the client, always evaluating the space to be occupied in technical and legal terms and in cost / occupancy relation.

Since the beginning of its activity, it has been working mainly on multifamily residential buildings, single-family houses, commercial and industrial designs, with development of the complete design, construction documents, designs for approval by the local authorities (Legal design) and MEP designs. 

In 2003, Métopa developed its own management system, the Building Assets Management and Documentation System (SIGEPE), which provides companies with the real legal status of the property, allowing for the regularization and enhancement of the built value. In its range of services, it started providing consultancy to industries, being responsible for the design, adaptation and legalization of national and multinational companies.

The inclusion in its staff of architects of professionals with specialization in Environmental Design by COPPE / UFRJ, allowed the elaboration Métopa’s own method that assists in the design of sustainable buildings and in the environmental consultancy and legalization, obtaining environmental permits. Today Métopa is a small-medium-sized company, recognized for the quality standards in its designs and mainly for the excellence in customer service. With an accumulated experience of more than 900 services performed, Métopa is able to develop designs throughout Brazil, through the association with regular collaborators in all areas of the civil construction. 

Fátima Costa

Architect and Urban Planner

Founder and partner of Métopa, she is an Architect and Urban Planner graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, (FAU-UFRJ) and from the Technical University of Lisbon (UTL), Portugal.

With great experience in design and execution of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, her work philosophy is based on the permanent search for an architecture focused on the real needs of the client, always evaluating the space to be occupied in technical and legal terms and also in cost / occupancy relation. 

Justino Freitas


Founder and partner of Métopa, he is a very experienced professional in the field of interior design and execution of commercial installations. He worked with clients such as Banco de Londres, Banco Bozano Simonsen, Banco de Boston and Petróleos Ipiranga.

He has as philosophy the permanent search for new business opportunities that contribute to the conscious growth of Métopa, guided by the principles of total quality, deadlines and competitive fees. 

Bruno Luis Costa

Architect and Urban Planner

Partner (cotista) of Métopa, he is an Architect and urban Planner, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at UFRJ (FAU-UFRJ) and from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto (FAUP), Portugal; Master in Civil Engineering / Environment, at COPPE -UFRJ and PhD in Urbanism at PROURB / FAU / UFRJ, with research internship at the University of Sheffield (England) and professor at FAU-UFRJ.

Fabiene Cristina

Civil Engineering

Partner at Métopa, she graduated in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Master and PhD in Transport Engineering from UFRJ / COPPE / PET.

She has experience in the area of Transport Engineering, with an emphasis on Transport Systems Operation, Traffic Engineering, Public Transport Planning, being responsible for the development of engineering projects related to transport. She has worked in several national and international projects. 


The work philosophy of the Métopa architectural firm is guided by:

- Commitment and dedication to research aiming to obtain excellence design development;

- Always designing according to the customer's wishes and in accordance with current building codes;

- team work with the client and the construction company aiming to develop the best project at the best price and with the highest added value;

- passion and creativity in all designs, combined with strict quality standards, deadlines and competitive fees;

- the search for an architecture that reflects the future, not forgetting the past. 


Métopa searches for promptly response its customers, quickly find solutions and effectively organize projects and processes. To guarantee this quality system, Métopa follows the principles of the ISO 9001 standard, with emphasis on:

- customer focus;
- involvement with employees;
- leadership;
- continuous improvement;
- process approach;
- approach to management through systems;
- fact-based approach to decision-making.

This way, the customer wins, by obtaining a quality service, with speed and that meets its expectations, with no surprises along the way; and Métopa wins, as it increasingly establishes itself as an ethical, qualified office that provides the complete satisfaction of its customers. 


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